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A specific programme for learning key vocabulary and phrases suitable for everybody even if you do not have any knowledge of Spanish yet. The classes are taught in English and Spanish in a total of 24 x 1 hour group sessions.

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Practically Spanish in 24h

Objectives and class content

The academic objective for this sequence of sessions classes is to equip students with key vocabulary and every day phrases in order to help them live a more integrated life in Ibiza. There is one topic per session as listed below.

Sessions will be 50% Spanish and 50% English giving students an open forum to ask questions and interact. Teachers will prepare the course materials based on guidelines, however this programme will not follow a book and the responsibility will be on the student to make sufficient notes. Sessions may not be recorded.

Topics and dates
  • 6/4    –  Food and drink 1
  • 8/4    –  House and home
  • 15/4  –  Children and family
  • 20/4  –  Travel and holidays
  • 22/4  –  Banks and finance
  • 27/4  –  Animals and Pets
  • 29/4  –  Laws and regulations
  • 4/5    –  Health
  • 6/5    –  Flirting and dating
  • 11/5  –  Sport and Fitness
  • 13/5  –  Work and employment
  • 18/5  –  DIY / house renovations
  • 20/5  –  Food and drink 2
  • 25/5  –  Cars, bikes and mechanics
  • 27/5  –  Schools and education
  • 1/6    –  Technology
  • 3/6    –  Boats, sailing and the sea
  • 8/6    –  Police and authorities
  • 10/6  –  Buying or renting houses
  • 15/6  –  Nature, plants and gardening
  • 17/6  –  Curstoms, colloquial language and slang
  • 22/6  –  Furniture and household items
  • 24/6  –  Clothes and fashion

April 6, 2020


Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00. Ask us for more schedules.

How much?

Classes start at 7€ depending on the package you choose

How does it work?

You should buy credits in order to attend the sessions you are interested in. Credits will be valid for 1 year and you can use the credits for any Practically Spanish sessions throughout the year. The idea of the credit system is to encompass the demographic of ex-pats who would like to attend classes on an ad hoc basis when they have time or are interested in some topics and less in others.

Additional information


1 Credit (12€), 4 Credits (44€), 12 Credits (108€), 24 Credits (168€)

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