Intensive Spanish for students aged 30+ and 50+



  • Spanish intensive course + Paella cooking class
  • For students aged 30+ (most participants are between 30 and 70 years young)
  • Choose durations between 1 and 2 weeks
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Spanish intensive 20 lessons/week + 5 experiences for students of 30+ or 50+ years of age

Worried about the age of your class mates? Will they all be 18 or younger?
No worries, the average age in the school is over 30 years all year round. From approximately mid-june until mid-september we also have younger ages among our students between 18 and 30.

If you prefer to make sure that all students will be between 30 and more than 50 years of age and you want to enjoy our authentic Paella cooking class, then choose our

General Spanish in groups exclusively for adult students aged around 30 years or over. Includes a complete Paella cooking class.

This is our general Spanish course specifically designed for students over 30 years of age. The objective is to give more mature students with a certain life and work experience the opportunity learn in a stimulating and relevant environment. Our proven communicative and practical methodology focused mainly on speaking and listening and also on reading and writing.

General Spanish 20 group lessons per week
  • General Spanish according to your current level
  • Paella cooking class: Learn to make Paella like the locals and enjoy it afterwards with the group and the teacher
  • Minimum 2 rotating teachers per week, more fun, more accents, better experience
  • 20 lessons per week
  • Available all year round
  • Start dates 2021:
      • May 3rd
      • June 7th
      • July 5th
      • August 2nd
      • September 6th
      • October 4th
  • 3 weekly after class activities included
  • Group size = 6 students average, maximum 10
  • Class duration: 4 daily classes of 45 minutes each
  • Timetable: 9:30 – 11:15 and 11:30 – 12:45, from Monday to Friday
  • Levels: From absolute beginners to B2. The course is not suitable for students with C1 or C2 levels. For those students we recommend private classes and they can also book the Paella cooking class.

The Paella class is included in the price when you book this course. You can find more information about it here.

Frequently asked questions

Are there other starting dates available?

For the specific 30+ and 50+ programme only the above mentioned dates are available. If you can’t make it for any of these dates, we recommend our Spanish course of 20 group lessons per week.

What does a typical week look like?
The 30+/50+ teacher guided leisure programmes takes place after the morning classes. 
A typical week looks like this:
Monday: Interactive wlk through Ibiza Town: The historical centre, the island’s history and some insider tipps
Tuesday: The farmers market. Discover local food: smell, feel, taste and how to buy.
Wednesday: Paella cooking class (inkluded for 30+/50+ programme participants)
Thursday: Pronunciation workshop “Un rato de risa”. The “R” in spanish and in the mother tongue of the participants  (i.e. French, English, German, etc.)
Friday: Spare time for shopping etc.
Sunday: Excursion to the neighbouring island of Formentera (approx. 20€, not school guided)
The second week typically looks as follows:
Monday: Interactive walk through Ibiza Town. Tapas Bars, Cafés, specialty shops and insider tipps.
Tuesday: Traditional dishes of the island. Visit to the pastry shop with the most history on the island.
Wednesday: Spare time for shopping, visits, relaxing beach, etc.
Thursday: Pronunciation workshop “Un rato de risa”. El seseo y el ceceo in the spanish speaking world (Andalusia and Latin America).
Subject to change.
Are there only 30+ and 50+ students in my group?

We will assign only 30+ and 50+ students to your group. Although the average age in our Spanish courses is around 32 years, there are more 30+ and 50+ students at the school than ususal while this programme is running.

How is the course structured?

The group classes start each Monday and you will improve your Spanish continuously. Each thursday a little progression test takes place to make sure that you are learning as planned. Each Monday you will be placed in a group according to your learning progress.

How long do I need per level?

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the syllabus of the Instituto Cervantes, there is a relatively exact description of the contents of each language level. As an accredited language school, we teach all contents in a structured manner and with a practical approach. Please click on Levels and Objectives to see how many hours you need per level.

In our course course of 10 group lessons per week, you will finish one book per 3 weeks approximately.

How long is the class?

The Spanish course consists of 20 group lessons per week. This 4 daily classes of 45 minutes each from 9.30-11.00 and from 11.15-12.45.

Which class materials will we use?

The Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza uses course books according to the Instituto Cervantes developed especially for intensive course in Spain. The course book’s objective is to teach the Spanish language with the best possible methodology and we enrich them with extra materials, class audios and internet ressources.

Can I join being a total beginner?

Yes, the starting dates for beginners are the same as the starting dates for this course. Just let us know upon booking that you are a complete beginner in Spanish.

Will I get a course certificate?

Yes. Each students receives a course certificate after completion and a minimum assistance of 80% of the classes.

On which level will you place me?

Our academic coordinators are highly qualified and will analyse in details your level test results as well as your weekly self evaluation. According to the results you will be placed in the best group for your level. In case, on the first day, you have the feeling that the level is too difficult or too easy, please let us know. We will test you again and place you in a group which feels right for you.

When does this course take place?

The minimum duration you can choose is 1 week. You may join this course from any Monday between May 31st until September 20th. It finished on September 24th.

How much does this course cost in total?

This course is available for either 1 week or 2 weeks. The price would be as follows:

1 week:
50€, enrolment fee
205€, 1 week spanish intensive course for students 30+/50+
10€, material fee (includes your own book and extra materials)
265€, total for 1 week

2 weeks: 
50€, enrolment fee
380€, 1 week spanish intensive course for students 30+/50+ (190€ per week)
20€, material fee (includes your own book each 1 1/2 weeks and extra materials)
450€, total for 2 weeks

How can I enroll?
  • On this webseite:
    1. Choose the duration and add the weeks to the cart
    2. Type in your personal details
    3. To checkout pay with your credit card through Paypal (you don´t need a Paypal account)
  • By email:
    • Contact us at info@ii-ibiza.com 
    • We will send you the enrolment form
    • Make the payment and we will confirm the course

During the booking of your course, we will discuss the accommodation with you and help you with the booking. It is very simple.

Additional information


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