Your Spanish Level Report

A2 - Elementary Level

You can understand basic personal, family and job related expressions and phrases and somebody who articulates very carefully. You can also read very short, simple texts as well as familiar names and words.

Quick facts about your level

Tu nivel a un vistazo

Spanish level A2 is the second level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is a definition of different language levels established by the Council of Europe and is valid for all languages. Explained in “normal” language :-), we would say you are on an elementary level.

The elementary level is

  • for learners of Spanish who want to start to advance by responding to more questions with longer phrases than on the A1 level
  • for learners who want to dive deeper into the Spanish grammar and to speak with less errors and
  • for learners who are getting ready for level B1 with the goal to become more confident speakers of Spanish.

Hey, to find out more about courses on your level, please scroll down and click either on online courses or classroom courses in Ibiza.


What does it cover?

¿Qué contiene?

Many students of all ages ask us every day about how long it takes to master the Spanish elementary level A2.

The average study time to get through all of the contents of A2 in our courses is about 60-120 hours. The duration is similar in courses in the school in Ibiza and in our online courses. It also depends a little on each student how well he/she can follow the course: on the age, on the motivation, maybe knowledge of other languages, the background or other factors. It is an approximate value.

But for now, there is no student who did not make it :-). It is possible, no matter if you are 18 years, 40 something or over 70. We had them all. Some succeed a little faster and some succeed a little slower.

Please click below to see in detail the vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects corresponding to Spanish level A2:

Speaking and vocabulary

Make recommendations

Describe feelings and speak about habits and difficulties

Activities to learn languages


Describe past events

Cinema and biographies

Types and parts of houses, shapes, styles and materials

To give, leave and borrow

Speak about leisure activities, timetables

Speak about past events

Express intentions and projects

Explain recipes

Speak about experiences and wishes

Like and dislike people

Give advice

Speak about how you feel, body parts, illness and symptoms

Parts of your life and travel

Historic periods

Argue and debate

Express emotions

Speak in past tense


Past tenses “pretérito indefinido”, “pretérito perfecto” and “pretérito imperfecto”

Irregular forms of the “pretérito indefinido”

Past tense markers

OD pronouns

The verbs costar, sentirse, gustar, encantar, preferir, poder, importar, ayudar, poner


Desde / desde hace / hace … que

Empezar a + infintive


Prepositions: sin, con, debajo, encima, detrás, delante

Possessive pronouns: el mío, tuyo,

Use of ser y estar


Estar + gerund


Cultural aspects

Travelling and leisure activities

Speaking about food and culinary habits

Interesting places and cultural offer


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How does this work?

Sign up and receive the instructions

Accompanied by our students services staff you can sign up through the website itself or by email. We will then send you the instructions about when and where to be or to sign-in with your device in order to start your course. Our Spanish courses are a great chance to study Spanish in a social environment with learners like you from all over the world. No matter if online or in our school in Ibiza.

Take part in our interactive classes

Participate, speak, speak more, laugh, get corrected, get confused and back on track, pronounce first wrong and then right and last but not least remember and use what you have learned in our classes. Our passionate teachers will make your Spanish course an experience which will keep you motivated and engaged.The course structure is very clear and according to the syllabus of the Instituto Cervantes. It will make you learn practical Spanish for an everday use.


We will make sure on a regular basis that you are learning as planned with a little progress test which serves for you as a revision of what you have learned and a reflection about what can be improved. For us it is to make sure that you are following well in order to lead you to a good result.

Reach your goals

Finish the course and enjoy your new knowledge. You will be able to speak better and more Spanish and you can use it in your daily life or travel and maybe to take another course to get on a higher level.

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