Learn Spanish at the Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

We are determined to help you learn and improve your Spanish while providing you with all the means possible to quickly progress in your studies.

All this while having a great time in Ibiza, meeting new friends and enjoying the wonderful climate here on the island. We will also provide you with all the support you need to reach your personal
learning goals.

You can be sure that you will receive high quality language training in a friendly, enjoyable environment, with modern facilities and a very supportive team at the school.

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Your Spanish studies at the school

Every student has individual learning goals and distinctive ways of studying a language, therefore they also have different needs. We are well aware of this fact. At the Instituto de idiomas Ibiza we make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to reach his or her personal goals and that they benefit as much as possible from the course. Each week you will have two different teachers. They will
rotate every day so you will be exposed to two different ways of speaking and working.

A level test at the beginning of your course ensures that we place you in the right group at the right level.

Each Thursday a progression test takes place to make sure that students have understood and are able to use the contents learned during the week. It shows you exactly the status of your development and gives you and the teacher the opportunity to continue, or revise, in the best way possible.

During your course you will use books like the etapas, nuevo prisma, club prisma or other complementary materiales.

During the Class

All our teachers are native speakers, qualified and experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our interest in the student and our global approach of teaching speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, provides an inspiring learning experience.

High quality study materials and modern equipment enrich every lesson and result in efficient learning.

After the Class

In Ibiza you will find a diverse mixture of people from all over Spain and Latin America. Our unique position of being an island with strong economic growth attracts more and more Spaniards and other Hispanics to move to the island.

Here you hear a very wide range of different Spanish accents and melodies. This makes learning Spanish in Ibiza quite fascinating and we encourage our students to use this to their advantage. Take what you learn in the classroom and practice on your private “playground” outside the school… this might be in your host family, the hostal, the supermarket, on the beach, in a Tapas bar, a chiringuito – you name it.







Fedele Baleares


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