Spanish courses in Ibiza


Spanish courses in Ibiza Town.

Spanish intensive course with experienced teachers with university degrees.

Experiences every day: 5 weekly after class activties like a walking tour, different workshops and lessons.
The only school in Ibiza accredited by Instituto Cervantes.
Included: level test, course certificate, 24 hour emergency phone, free Wi-Fi, information package about the island and the school.
The maximum number of students is 10 and the minimum 4. The average class size is 6 students.





Spanish 20 lessons + 5 experiences

20 lessons of General Spanish with 2 rotating teachers per group + 5 weekly experiences.

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Spanish for students ages 30+

20 lessons of General Spanish in groups of students of the age of 30 or more years + 5 weekly experiences.

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Kids Mini-Group for Families

20 lessons per week (ages 4-15, 1-3 students per group)

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Spanish super intensive 30 lessons/week

30 lessons: 20 lessons General Spanish + 5 conversation classes + 5 private lessons

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Spanish + DJ and digital music production

A Spanish course combined with a course for digital music production and DJ.

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Private Spanish lessons (1 or 2 students with a private teacher)

Clases privadas (1 alumno y 1 profesor o 2 alumnos y 1 profesor)

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Spanish 50+

Spanish intensive course with 50+ activity programme

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Spanish Teacher Training

20 lessons General Spanish + 5 private lessons of Spanish Teacher Training

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D.E.L.E. preparation courses

20 lessons General Spanish + 5 private lessons of D.E.L.E. exam preparation

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For a great experience here in Ibiza, you need the right accommodation. It should be as quiet, as social, as far or as close to the cultural offers and beaches as you wish. In case you prefer a hotel, contact us for the booking or a recommendation.



Student shared apartments

If you are the independent type and you want to experience student life to the full, the shared apartment could be the ideal option for you. Your flatmates will most likely come from different countries or backgrounds and may also be classmates from the school or other visitors on the island. Wifi is included and all rooms are equipped with flatscreen TVs, a fan and heating. The apartments are all in walking distance from the school and no further than 20 minutes walk.

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Home stay

If you want to experience directly how the Spaniards organize their daily lives, host family accommodation will be the right choice for you. The Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza selects host families carefully and inspects them regularly. This type of accommodation allows you to have a detailed insight into the Spanish life style.

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Shared apartment

Home stay

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