Experiences every day

Included in all Spanish courses

5 Experiences “Vive en Español” per Week

Something unforgettable that will always make you remember Ibiza when speaking Spanish. Little tips like how to pronounce better, or understanding Spanish body language, or essential background information can truly make a difference. Our experiences are thought of for all students, of all levels of Spanish, and there is no medical restriction to take part in them.

We want you to get the most out of your trip, to remember us and our island, and we want you to communicate even better and have great fun with other students while using the Spanish language.

Included in all our courses at no extra charge. These are 5 more classes either outside or inside the classroom. Every day after regular classes.

Mondays – Ibiza Town Immersion Experience

Accompanied by your native Spanish teacher, you will continue your learning and practicing Spanish in context as we guide you around Ibiza town. It’s a great chance to meet the other students and get to know the hotspots and beautiful sites of our town.

Tuesdays – Pronunciation Experience

Guaranteed to be a good laugh! A chance to speak more like a local. Learn and improve your pronunciation skills. Have you ever thought how you and other visitors usually sound in Spanish? Spanglish no more!

Wednesdays – Food Market Experience

Visit the authentic markets where locals have always bought their fresh food. Immerse yourself in the real Ibiza foodie experience. Reward yourselves with wine and tapas afterwards to taste what you have seen.

Thursdays – Historia de Ibiza Experience

Did you know that Ibiza old town is UNESCO world heritage?  We will visit the excavation sites and stunning museums. This experience will help you discover Ibiza’s rich history and culture.

Fridays – Spanish for Business Experience

Two kisses or shake hands? Flirting or closing a deal? What to do and what not to do!  Unpack all this in hilarious style with our unique approach. Learn to be self-secure in Spanish life without putting your foot in it and make friends for business and for life. 


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