My work placement abroad at the “Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza”

Hi everyone!

My name is Jacob, I’m 18 years old an I’m a German student who is currently doing his work placement abroad at the “Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza”. The length of this work placement will be a full four weeks.
This is my blog, that serves to inform you about my stay here in Ibiza and to show you the workings of the language school.

After my arrival in Ibiza on Sunday the 26th of March, I had to get to Club Náutico with the help of line 10, where my host mother Caryana was already waiting for me. After a walk through the flat, in which I’m going to live for the next four weeks, we had lunch. I was fascinated by her cooking skills. I really must say she is a very talented cook because her dishes are marvellous, even though I don’t like some of the ingredients she uses.

On Monday, my “daily life” began. Every morning, I have Spanish for four lessons and after that my current work placement starts. As a result of the language lessons, I recognized a rapid improvement in my Spanish, as well as in my pronunciation and my confidence when speaking, which is caused by the interactive and varied methods of teaching they use here.
In four lessons you have two teachers, so that you get used to different accents and have no problems in your daily life here.

In addition, it is really important to speak the language you want to learn for a number of reasons. One reason is to reach the goal of one book in one and a half weeks and another is because talking is the best way to learn a foreign language.
In fact, the school offers a communication class in which you discuss a given topic for 45 minutes.
Whenever I had the oppportunity to join this class, I took it just because it is fun to improve your Spanish while you get to know your classmates and learn about their opinions regarding certain topics.
I’m also taken with my current environment. From the students to the teachers, right down to my host family, they are all really pleasant, open-minded as well as cooperative.

My area of responsibility is very diverse and includes the support of teachers, running errands, stocktakings as well as the realization of my own blog over my stay in Ibiza.

Furthermore I had the opportunity to take advantage of several excursions with the school, including a trip through Ibiza Town with an ensuing dinner in a Tapas-Bar, as well as visiting the Necropolis, a former Roman graveyard which is used as a museum now.












In addition to these trips, there are lots of free-time activities too. During the Easter weekend for example, I went to Formentera. It´s a small island right next to Ibiza. I went with a small group of classmates. We rented bikes there (around 10€ p.p/day) and explored the island a bit. Formentera offers many nice beaches that convey a certain “Caribbean” feeling. I also liked “Les Salines” (an area where salt is produced) which offers beautiful beaches even though some of them are under conservation. Apart from the beaches, I really have to admit that going to Formentera is a very expensive trip, especially if it includes a visit to a restaurant. Nevertheless, I am quite taken with this island and I would like to return one day. The prices of the ferries fluctuate between 19€ and approximately 50€, depending on the season and the type of ferry you choose.

Another free-time activity is visiting the old town of Ibiza, D´alt Vila. It is one of a few cultural must-sees in Ibiza and it offers wonderful sunsets and panoramic views from the town wall. You are also able to visit the old cathedral of D´alt Vila or just go on a shopping trip and have a snack in one of the restaurants and tapas bars.

Eating at tapas bars is always a good way to get to know your classmates as well as to get good food for (almost always) good prices. It is also a great opportunity to taste some typical Ibizan dishes and some of them are really special.

In a few days you will be able to read my report on the “Mehari Safari”, which is a one-day trip offered by the school.

See you!























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