Spanish and Yoga in Sunny Ibiza

Have you always dreamt about studying Spanish in Ibiza? Or how about practising yoga on a gorgeous, calm beach under the shade of pine trees? I have just left the rat race in the UK seeking a new, more harmonious life far away from the crowds in London. To live the Ibiza lifestyle has always been a dream of mine, and Spanish a language I have always loved. And this year the opportunity to move away from the rain-lashed UK to a new life in sun-filled Ibiza finally arrived. With a passion for both languages and yoga, a Spanish course combined with yoga on the beach with Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza sounded like the perfect start to my new life.

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Having never studied Spanish before my Spanish was pretty much non existent when I started my course at Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza. With only a few words such as “hola” and “cerveza” in my bag it was pretty clear I had to start from scratch. Although it only took a few days until I could actually have a simple (although extremely short) conversation with my teacher in class, I was more than impressed.  This quick progress was mostly due to the ban of using English in class. Yes, that´s right. English, or any language other than Spanish, will never be used in the classroom. And it proves to be the most effective way of learning a new language, believe me!

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When thinking about the beautiful Balearic island of Ibiza the first things that may spring to mind are world famous clubs and celebrity dj’s. Although these are still here, there is also a side of the island that was here before them and that will be here when they have left to find another place to party. A peaceful mecca filled with calm, a rural lifestyle and a rich cultural heritage. The island has been known for its hippy movement since the 1960s and is still a place where freedom of thought or expression is very much alive. It boasts some of the best yoga teachers in the world and it isn´t down to chance that the rich and famous come to hone their yoga skills on the island. So combining learning Spanish with yoga here might be the best place in the whole world to do so!

Adriana Neis, owner of Ibiza Yoga Pilates, is a yoga teacher from Munich, Germany who has spent the last 6 years on the island teaching yoga on the beautiful beach of Niu Blau on the north west side of the island. “This was my dream for many years, to teach yoga and pilates on a beach, in the outdoors where we become one with nature” says Adriana when I met up with her for my first lesson on the beach. Adriana explains that she has been teaching yoga and pilates for over 10 years and did her teaching training in India. “ It was very strict doing it in India, almost like a military regime. I have since then adapted my own style, I work in a light and happy way, we laugh a lot when we practising and the aim is always a complete workout for body, mind and soul”.

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We started our session looking out at the calm, beautiful sea and all of the sudden I realised that this is what yoga is all about; being outside surrounded by nature and peaceful surroundings. Not being cramped in a small, sweaty studio with way too many people around, bumping elbows and knees. Adriana herself also has a very calming and motivating energy and practising with her for only one day taught me more than months had done in the UK.

The package that Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza offers is a Spanish Intensive course + Yoga Pilates Combination that gives you 15 lessons of intensive Spanish with fantastic teachers in their school in the centre of Ibiza Town. No matter your current level of Spanish, they will make sure you are in a class just right for you. The same with the yoga. Adriana assured me that her classes are for all levels; “My classes are open classes for all abilities, they are held on a wooden deck under the pine trees in the shade right in front of the sea. I never have more than 8 people in a class to make sure I can give everyone the attention they need”.

Although I may not be fluent in Spanish after my 15 Spanish lessons nor a newborn yogi guru, I felt that I had learnt so much more than I ever thought I would and one thing is for sure, I will continue practising my Spanish as well as yoga on this beautiful island.

Written by: Julia Siddi

This package  will be running over Easter this year from the 30th March to the 4th April and includes 15 lessons of Spanish followed by 6 yoga lessons over a total of 6 days. To book your own Spanish and yoga experience or for more details, click here or call us on +34 971 30 38 15.

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